Umba week report – 3/9-10/9-2011

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Despite the warm conditions Umba produced some really fine fish. A few highlights worth mentioned must be Poul E Knudsen and James Tabor. It was Poul´s fist Salmon trip and in just one day he got 2 Salmons of 18 Lbs, all fresh and sea liced. One of the most nerve wrecking episodes happened in Island Pool where James Tabor caught a Salmon which took him down 400 meters in some of toughest rapids of Krivetz. James miraculously managed to stop the Umba Whopper Torpedo and a fresh silver of 23 lbs could be landed. All sea liced which indicates that the salmon has only been in the river for less than 24 hours. Biggest fish of the week; 9 x 10-14 lbs, 8 x 15-19, 3 x 20-23 lbs.

The new week has begun with clouds and and Autumn winds as we know it, by now we have landed several Umba Whoppers and biggest so far by Umba Veteran Iltyd Griffith in Pine Pool. Floating lines and Billy Butt (seize 6) is still the right medicine. Terry Nab also got a fine 19 lbs Whopper in Office Pool. Besides quite a few fish between 13-15 lbs has been caught, all decorated with sealice..

Stay tuned…for more:)

Kåre Lundquist

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