New Beanie from Salmon Junkies?

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Our caps from Salmon Junkies have become quite popular around the world even among our non fishing guest and can be bought in our camps. Most sought after cap is the the famous 20 Lbs Club. however not for sale since this cap requires a little work of catching a 20 Lbs Salmon in our camps. Good news we are running out of stock with all the new members of the 20 Lbs Club:).

This year we have made a little test of introducing a new Beanie with a bit more edge to it because we have received so many positive feedbacks on our ” True confession of a Salmon Junky” story and logo type which called for a new style?

What do you think of our new Beanie, it is cool or not so cool?, please cast your vote on Facebook, we appreciate all your feedback and ideas.

You can vote with a single click here:


Kåre & Steffen

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