Umba quick report – Good number of fish!

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Yesterday…Waterlevel has gone up a foot, rain coming from the backcountry. The weather has changed from “Summer” conditions to Autumn as we know it. First couple of days have produced good numbers of fish and a welcome to 3 new members to the 20 Lbs Club. Biggest fish  2×14 lbs, 3×15 lbs, 1×16 lbs, 2×18 lbs, 2×20 lbs and a 1×23 lbs. 77 year old Poul E. Knudsen landed 2 x 18 lbs plus a 16 lbs, great work:) Patrick Ruane landed a fantastic 20 lbs Umba Whopper in Long Pool and James Tabor landed after a 30 min intense fight a fantastic 23 lbs Whopper. The fish took James trough the foss between Island and Office Pool, a 300 meter ride! Martin Topsøe felt the Umba Power as well, when a 16 lbs took his 250 meter backing in Upper Rat. Almost all fish has been caught on the famous Billy Butt on a floating line. Water temp 13 c and Umba is fishing better day by day and we expect the coming weeks to follow this positive trend…perhaps even better:)

More 2 come:)

Kåre Lundquist

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