Umba week report – 27/8-3/9-2011

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Extremely hot week and quite unusual for the season. One day of rain and very fortunate the rain was centered in the the central part of The Kola Peninsula which produced an increase in water levels of 10 centimeters. The week produced 16 x 10-16 lbs, 11 x 15-19 lbs, 3 x 20-24 lbs and 1 x 30+ lbs. Most memorable was Alberto Fioretti and his first ever caught Atlantic Salmons, 2 x 20+ lbs and 2 x 8 lbs on his own Billy Butt seize 6, all on floating line. Albertos first Atalantic salmon deserves a repeat in this report “For Alberto and Andrea Fioretti, yesterdays tour de Krivetz will be a day to remember with all the aspects of Salmon Fishing that we hear so much about. In Office Pool the 16 year old Italian hooked his first Atlantic Salmon on his own Billy Butt (seize 6). After a few and very hectic minutes of immense fight, the Salmon decided to leave Office Pool and took of like jet boat down stream, about 1.5 km. Steffen reports that the next half hour is one of the most dramatic fights he has ever seen. A nerve wrecking fight through the hard running water and the slippery – BIG – rocks which gave them quite a beaten. The fish tried everything but in the end the 16 year old Italian managed to land the fish 400 meters downstream of Office Pool in a little pocket. A Umba Whopper of 20 lbs + fresh, sealiced – longtailed – chrome. A BIG congratulation and welcome to the 20 Lbs Club! The party was not over for the Italians, about an hour later, Alberto´s father hooked a complete identical fresh fish in Pine Pool. This is the first time we can welcome both father and son in The 20 Lbs Club, the same day. Forza Italia! A day for Hall of Fame!”

Biggest Salmon was caught by Martin R. Nielsen, an Umba Whopper of 110 Centimeters, a BIG 30+ lbs! Columbus Leth our beloved Umba movie maker ( Salmon Raw and Red Autumn) made Top Rod with 11 Salmons this week.  Water temp 13 c and stabile, fresh fish enters the system everyday and we expect the good fishing will continue the coming weeks, despite the warm and dry conditions.

Stay tuned for more..

Kåre Lundquist

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