Umba week report – 20/8-27/8-2011

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Warm weather and tropical conditions affected this week too which have been a sticky and unfortunate fact since this summer. Despite this hot topic the group did quite well and caught 51 salmons.  To mention a few numbers the group caught some real nice Umba Whoppers; 11 x 14 lbs, 11 x 15-19 lbs and 2 x 20-24 lbs. Gianmario Longini caught an unbelievable beautiful fish in Lokingha which secured him a well deserved membership of the 20 Lbs Club! Cant wait to see the picture:) William Hughes caught 9 salmons, his very first Atlantic Salmons on a fly and now a Umba veteran, in just a week:) – Another great story to remember, thank you and a BIG applause to both of you. All together the 6 rods had a great week with 51 salmons and Salmon Junkies really enjoyed your fine company.

Still our fingers are crossed for rain and lots of it…stay tuned for more…

Kåre Lundquist

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