Umba – Midweek Report

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Fish report the 16th of August….The sun is shining from a clear sky from morning to evening, its like July, however signs of yellow leaves have emerged here and there that the famous Umba autumn color festival is on its way. Despite the poor weather conditions Corlelis De Kante entered Umba hall of fame and joined the 20 lbs club with a magnificent +20 lbs from Doc´s Pool. It took more than 30 min before the beauty surrendered to Salmon Junky Power:) A big welcome from Salmon Junkies! Moreover, a 17 lbs was landed in Office Pool and equally nice a fish of 14 lbs in Home Pool. That day we also  managed to catch some fine 7-12 lbs, all in shining amour:)

The autumn run has clearly started and increasing day by day, we see salmons in all pools, so we hope for better weather conditions in the days to come which would clearly put more Umba Whoppers in the records.

All the best and stay tuned for more:)

Kåre Lundquist

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