First week on Umba River – Full Week Report!

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First week on Umba was great and more than we hoped for. The protection program has really paid off and a big thank you to Nick Podolski and his protection squard! 35 salmons caught 4 rods and the week started with cloudy weather and 13C watertemp. However midweek we entered high pressure and reached 16C very warm but did not affect the fishing.
Today cold wind from north and clouds came to rescue and Tom Shakey was blessed with 5 salmon and beautiful 20 lbs from Junction pool.
This was the second 20 lbs of the week and pruduced quite a few Umba woppers 3×12, 2×12, 3×16, 2×18 and the rest from approx 6 -12 lbs.
All fish caught on float and intermidiate lines.
All the best
Kåre Lundquist, Salmon Junkies from
iPhone Umba Camp

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