Salmon jumping in all pools

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We posted Nick Podolsky´s report the other day on our website and Facebook: ” Salmon jumping in all pools, Water temperature +7C, Air temperature +14C”, Level of water: Low (like in July) and got overwhelming feedback from hundreds of Salmon Junkies.
Now we are sitting here  in St. Petersburg waiting for our connecting flight and discussing…What is it that drives us all completely mad, when it comes to salmon fishing? Why does it have such a spellbinding effect on all of us? Its like a drug, an addiction that transcends passion, something we can’t live without. We have tried to pin this
down in our name and with our values with Salmon Junkies, because that’s what we are genuinely and entirely about.
Pool 12 came very close to this trying to decode us with the good help of  Wikipedia. Pool 12’s definition of all of us is: – A person suffering from drug addiction most commonly used to refer to a heroin addict –  Also used as a hyperbolic expression for a person’s particularly strong enthusiasm for some activity e.g “a TV Junkie”, “a Ski Junkie” or the worst case a “Salmon Junkie”

Spot on:) But why? Well, if you haven’t read this fine article about salmon junkies you can find it on our website, and perhaps find your own answer, we will certainly be discussing this all season!

Read the article Right side bar here on the front page

Over and out for now, we wish you all the best. We will be supplying you with fishing reports in the coming weeks and of course all season, many exciting weeks are ahead of us.

For any enquires or questions please mail Anne Mette:

Best regards

Steffen and Kåre

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