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Almost Twenty years has passed since my first fly-fishing trip into the wilderness of the former Soviet Union, and the first exploratory trips can in some ways be classified as “trips across the river for water”. I was travelling several days to Kamchatka in a crowded Aeroflot steel-tube with Vodka from a plastic cup and a group of Russians smoking their local “carpet smelling” cigarettes in the cargo-room. The fishing was good and I would not be without this experience – but when the fabulous platform of Atlantic salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula revealed itself, I instantly knew that my fishing paradise had dropped down  from heaven right outside my Scandinavian doorstep.

I have physically spent nearly half of my time on the Kola salmon rivers during the last twenty years, and even at home I don’t think there has been a single day without dreaming about Kola. I have managed several camps on some of the finest salmon rivers on the peninsula and sparkling memories are abundant, though I must admit that my personal adventure did cost me some of my hairs on my head. Being a camp manager is not always a dance on dorsal fins – but looking back all the highlights are jumping out like vivid images; big autumn fish from Umba, June giants of northern streams like Kharlovka, Rynda or Yokanga. Salmon bonanzas in Varzuga. Or the rush of a  riffling dry fly being chased by several Ponoi salmon on the same swing across a pool – oh yes – there  have  been some dazzling years and tons of glorious memories.

If you are a dedicated Salmon Junky, the task is always to find a “new taking salmon”, or to put it another way. A true Salmon Junky’s mind never rests in the pursuit of new “pulls” and collecting golden moments.

Salmon fishing along the many outstanding salmon rivers on the Kola Peninsula  basically looks  the same since the first foreigners came to Russia twenty years ago – very little has really changed, except that our Russia friends have emerged from the “Soviet era” and Russia has started to move towards a new and far better future – We as Salmon junkies believe it is time to redefine  Russian salmon fishing, in order to provide the best and cheapest salmon fishing on the market today, and to take our responsibility together with our Russian partners

Salmon Junkies has one overall goal – To share the best available salmon fishing in the world together with all the many devoted salmon anglers in search of the fabled “Golden Pool”.

Salmon Junkies want to provide the best salmon fishing available on the market for the Salmon anglers, who are searching for the true values in salmon angling. We will pursue the goal of providing a small but well picked selection of very attractive salmon programmes at a fair price – Programs that are designed for the passionate Salmon angler looking for that ultimate combination of fantastic fishing, outstanding service and stunning scenery.  We want to service the dedicated salmon angler through a strong personal contact and provide the right frames for a truly dynamic and passionate  salmon community.

Our Ponoi programs do not need a lot of PR – Ponoi is Ponoi – a waterproof fact that simply cannot disappoint – Together with our Russian partner SILVER OF PONOI we began building the  Acha Camp in 2002. This camp came up and out of nowhere, it was a start from scratch. Today it probably represents the best accommodation you can get on the Ponoi, and our prices are  guaranteed to be the cheapest on the market today – Acha camp and our small “off roader” program on the second largest tributary, the Acha River, offer the most outstanding  accommodation and fishing on the entire Ponoi river

For all the numerous Umba fans  – Umba is back on track and looking strong.

For all Kola veterans we are very pleased to announce that the magical Umba River on the south side of the Kola Peninsula is accessible and is showing clear signs of a very strong come comeback . Our Russian partner in Umba has signed up with a conservation plan, which includes specific initiatives with a strong and multi facetted management of this magnificent river. All of this clearly pulls in the right “FLY-FISHING DIRECTION”!

We feel confident that this action plan will improve the valuable Umba resource and especially our opportunity to offer one of the most interesting, challenging and maybe the cheapest salmon programs on the Kola Peninsula.

At Salmon Junkies we feel we have a unique and great opportunity to show our environmental concern and responsibility in Russia – Umba will be our conservation project and our “repayment” for all the outstanding moments Umba River has given not only me, but also thousands of other dedicated salmon anglers. We do of course hope that you will support our commitment in order to protect this incomparable and unique ecosystem.

We presently hope that both old and new Umba guests will lend us their support and consider visiting this pearl of a salmon river next season – a must in every Kola angler’s portfolio. Umba answers everything a Salmon angler can ask for and really raises quantity and quality to a higher level.
Many experienced salmon fishermen, who have fished on the Kola peninsula and its plethora of fantastic rivers, claim that Umba beats everything in terms of beauty, superb accommodation and – of course and not least – the dramatic and enjoyable fishing in the most breathtaking surroundings. To swing a fly through Umba´s gin clear waters is almost a surreal experience ranking amongst the most exciting moments in  Russian Salmon fishing.

With these two great programs we feel well equipped to meet the needs of  all true Salmon anglers, who are looking for affordable salmon fishing in the right environment and Spey fishing community

We at Salmon Junkies hope that our Web facilities will feed your dreams and provide you with information for a trip of a lifetime – and remember:

Fly-fishing for salmon may seem like hard work at times – But even in the toughest conditions, it never really feels like work. It is more like a kind of meditation or music – playing your instrument drawing notes with the line. The feeling of a loaded fly line going where it’s supposed to- is a blast itself. Cast after cast “Looping” over a classic salmon water – peace of mind and very addictive!

I hope to meet you out there one day

Tight lines

Steffen Juhl

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