What Are The Advantages for Spey Casting?

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Spey casting, originated in Scotland over 150 years ago, but has the following important applications for today’s angler:

Easier – Requires less effort due to the ‘fulcrum’ created when you use both hands. Spey Casting is actually easier for women, kids & those with shoulder or arm disabilities. The longer rods carry longer lengths of line so less stripping is needed.

Brush or bank behind you? No problem! Your casts ‘anchor’ in the water beside or in front of you, reducing the normal back cast space needed.

Change direction with ease – no false cast necessary.

Achieve greater distance with less effort.

No better way to swing a fly for steelhead and salmon – Oh yeah baby!

Really looks cool & impresses girls and your friends.

Important: Tape Your Spey Rod & You’ll Cast It Longer!

Modern graphite spey rods require minimal maintenance. Prior to first use be sure to apply a thin coat of beeswax or candle wax to the male ferrules of each rod section. This aids in providing a firm seating of the individual connections.

In addition, tape your sections using high quality electrical tape before you begin casting. Apply two vertical strips of tape to each section then wrap over the vertical strips from 1½ inches above the joint to 1½ inches below the joint. Keep the tape pieces used for wrapping on the rod for
repetitive use. Taping your rod is the best insurance against tip loss and breakage caused by loose joints.

“One cast can change your day…maybe your life”

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