Flies for Russian Chrome

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All rivers have their favourites and the Russian rivers are no exception. That said though it must be added that – probably due to the decent neutral colour in most of the rivers – very many and very different types of flies seem to work.
Hereby some of the hot patterns you should bring to Russia

Traditional hook flies – recommendable Size 4 – 8 double hook
Red Butt / Black Francis / Ally’s Shrimp / The Cascade / Green Highlander / Thunder & Lightning / Willie Gunn / Black Sheep / Hairy Mary / Blue Charm / The Undertaker/ Billy Butt / Black bear Green Butt / Monroe Killer

Tube flies
Bring tube flies with a wing length around 1 inches  – 2 inches  – Get them in the classic “Scandi” design with a long profile in the wing like the Tempeldog style – Productive colours – Black / Yellow / Orange / Green / Brown. The tube body should be in length 10mm – 20mm – recommended in Brass, Cobber or aluminium.

If you do not tie your own flies or if you feel more comfortable with flies dressed up by some “Scandi Umba-Poffs” you will be happy to know that we have a large selection of high quality flies available in the camp-shop on Umba lodge.

We look forward to see all of you guys in Russia 2011

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