Rafał Kamiński from Poland and his version of the great Black Sheep fly

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Hi Steffen. Thought that you might wanted a hot pattern for Salmon Junkies web – I call the fly “The Black Sheep Fly”. In 2008 it was “Top Cat” on a tour to Chavange river. Chavanga river is located on the White coast West of Umba river.

The fly is my variant of the awesome Black Sheep fly – The fly can be tied on Tube as well on Hook.

My biggest fish so for on this fly, has been a Fresh 24lbs Mørrum salmon

According Rafal, his Dee Sheep fly is one of the best all-round fly that can be used almost through the entire season on Kola Peninsula

Rafał Kamiński’s Dee Sheep fly

Tail: Topping
Tag: Silver tinsel, yellow floss
Body: Black antron yarn.
Rib: Silver tinsel
Under wing: Yellow arctic fox
Over wing: Black Fox
Hackle: Kingfisher blue

Thanks for sharing this info with us Rafal

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