A Tribute to the Atlantic salmon by Elhanan Avrham

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Yesterday I received this wonderful poem from Elhanan Avrham – Elhanan is a professional artist, muralist, illustrator and poet, having done several large Biblical murals public buildings in Jerusalem, where he lives with his wife and family. He is also a devoutly hooked fly fisherman, having enjoyed the sport throughout the world.

Tribute to the Atlantic Salmon

Sovereign of the sea, the aristocrat of oceans
reigns the Atlantic in chromium crown,
sniffing time from a thousand leagues
returns and splits the roaring spate
full of milt and good will
repealing extinction in bounding leaps
up the impassable falls, outwitting net and barb
in single-eyed mission of pilgrimage
to sacred source and swirling throne
to meet and mate his counterpoint full of egg and hope,
perpetuating branches on the watery Tree of Life.

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