Forget flashy new gizmos – Icons for the truly Salmon Junkie

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Fly fishing is an old and classic pastime, but in many ways no different from other industries. Sporting goods companies continually innovate and release new gear, driving consumers to buy the latest rods and reels. There is plenty of good–even great–fly-fishing gear introduced every year.

But fly fishing is not like, say, the computer industry. You can still catch many fish and enjoy yourself on the water with a rod that is 10 years old, or a fly box made in 1860. The true Salmon Junkie carries a mixture of the best of the old and new.

For example – The Hardy perfect reel which is the quintessence of what a great salmon fly reel should be. The first Hardy Perfect was made in 1891. Very little has changed. The Perfect still lives up to its name–a handsome gunmetal gray, a delicate, tippet-friendly drag system. No new innovation in reels has improved much on this design.

Another oldie but goodie: The Wheatley Fly box originally made in 1860, remains the finest one on the market, beautiful with its aluminum siding and satin finish.

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