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Yet another season is over in Russia and even though we were fishing in Umba just a few months ago, our 2011 season is already starting to take form, and many of us will start to see the “light” just after New Year’s eve.

What a 2010 season we were blessed with despite the fact that most of the rivers on Kola this year were down 10% – 20%. However Salmon Junkies 2010 season turned out to be more than a success story. We had a couple of “poor weeks” but Salmon fishing can be a unmerciful game, even in a salmon paradise like the Kola Peninsula. Top rods were as usual our two Ponoi veterans Bernard Lunel and Gérard Garnier with nearly 100 salmon each after their two week stay.

Looking back on Umba 2010; the weekly number of big salmon logged in the record book clearly indicates that we are on the right track with our anti-poaching program and conservation plans for this gem of a river. We had some really good June weeks, however one of our July weeks ended up in tropical weather that made it really tough. In spite of that some guests managed to land more than 10 salmons during his week. Our Umba autumn program kicked off in august and we were blessed all the way to the very end in October and we could easily have stayed a few more weeks. In total we had around more than 50 20lbs to 27lbs salmon in the log book, and more than twice that number in the 14 – 18 lbs. range during an 11 week period.

Looking back on 2010; Ponoi could have been better, but honestly. Where in the world do you catch 30-50 salmon in an odd year like 2010?  “Ponoi will never let you down”, however next year we will only focus on the really good and 100% reliable weeks (3) that we have now tracked 10 years back.  This have already paid off with many bookings and I am looking forward to see you all again :0)

Umba is almost fully booked for the summer weeks thanks for your BIG support without you no Salmon Junkies, just Junkies :o) The prognosis for June looks promising, as our Fall run in 2010 was strong and continued far into November. That should give us a lot of salmon (Osenkas). In June
Please note that all Umba weeks 2011 now are fully booked with just some few openings left.

We had so much fun with you guys this year and we think of you everyday, the lost whoppers, the victories, the stories around the fireplace, your fine company and love salmon and making new friends. Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” to this new club. This required so many celebrations in vodka and a few hangovers the following day :o)

Salmon Junkies first year has passed, and we have clearly proved that the our concept was right – To offer some of the best and less expensive high class salmon fishing in the world today.
Our web page have also received a lot of encouraging and positive words which is nice, as we daily try to keep the page updated with relevant news and articles that can fill up the gap between your fishing trips.

I hope you have watched our small teasers from Umba – they are very raw and unplugged, but great fun to watch and might help to cure some of the worst salmon fever!
After new year we will publish 3 – 4 new videos – We can promise a lot of really exciting taking and fighting scenes of course combined with some really beautiful Umba and Ponoi salmon.

A billion thanks to all of your overwhelming support we have received from all corners of the international Salmon angler community in 2010

I can assure you that we will do our very best to fulfill your wildest fishing dreams in the years to come

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy new year! We hope to see you all again in 2011 “out there”

Steffen & Kåre and Jan

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