A word or two from Illtyd Griffiths – Long time Umba lover and Spey casting Guru in UK.

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“Life is about experiences and in fishing terms Krivetz always seems to provide an unforgettable experience every visit. Last year (2009) I hooked a fish on a sunny morning in Island Pool, it played with me for about a minute before leaving the tail of the pool faster than any other fish I have ever hooked, took 350 metres of line, burnt and ruined my running line and of course broke the leader. I went back this year on a cloudy morning, the water a little lower and in the same lie another fish which did exactly the same but because of the lower water Sacha and I were able to follow by running through the stream. I landed the fish of 11+kg 300 metres downstream in a little pocket in the rapid after 20 minutes of frantic activity. What a place, what a fight, what an experience and what will be there next year?”

Best regards Illtyd Griffiths

Illtyd Griffiths is Chairman in AAPGAI. = The Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors. The Association was formed in 2003 by most of the original APGAI (Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors) qualification holders to maintain and improve standards within the instructor community.

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