Brand new killer from the woodoo man himself – Mr Brian Størup

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At first eye catch Brian’s new creation looks like a cross over between a alien and a gene spliced super shrimp. However – it could turn out to be a “natural born killer” in the same league as the famous Steelhead fly concept  “The Stinger” – a fly that produced a lot of big Salmon this fall in Umba.

“Castor shrimp”

Tube: 1.5mm Clear
Buttdisc: 6mm Plastic Disc
Butthackle: Sunburst henback
Tail: Sunburst castor Rex Rabbit, Grizzly/Orange flatwing and Orange barred rubberlegs
Eyes: Junglecock from breeding
Bodyhackle: Grizzly yellow softhackle
Rib: Gold flatbraid
Body: Sunburst Sealdub mixed whit Angeldub “Wasp”
Back: Orange scudback
Head: Yellow

More to come from Brian Størup

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