October Chrome in Umba 2010

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Produced by Jens Rafn.

This “movie” was shot in one of the very last days of the season in October where Steffen and Kåre went to Krivetz and fished Stick, Nick and Long Pool(mainly), what a day, 4.5 hours fishing 7 Umba Whoppers. We hope that both old kola veterans and new guests will consider visiting this pearl of a salmon river next season – a must in every Kola angler’s portfolio.

Umba answers everything a salmon angler can ask for and really raises quantity and quality to a higher level.

Many experienced salmon fishermen, who have fished on the Kola peninsula and its plethora of fantastic rivers, claim that Umba beats everything in terms of beauty, superb accommodation and – of course and not least – the dramatic and enjoyable fishing in the most breathtaking surroundings. To swing a fly through Umba’s gin clear waters is almost a surreal experience ranking amongst the most exciting moments in Russian Salmon Fishing.

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