A word or two from Camp Manager Jan Delaporte

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I had the great pleasure and privilege to work as camp manger for Salmon Junkies during 5 weeks in Russia this season.

And what a ride and experience it has been!

My first 3 weeks were spent in Ponoi in Salmon Junkies’ Acha Camp. Conditions were in many ways extreme this summer, and while parts of Russia were literally burning away, we still managed some incredible fishing. I had one glorious night (3 a.m. in the morning, but still light – midnight sun!) fishing the riffling hitch over a nice pool. I hooked and landed 4 bright salmon that came extremely aggressively to the fly – one even somersaulted the fly! Many more struck and missed in great splashes. Adrenaline producing stuff, I tell you!

I managed the Salmon Junkies lodge and camp in Umba for two glorious weeks in August/September. The first week was our opening week and the river was literally ’virgin’. It had not been fished all summer. I will not go into details here – I could write a long book on all the adventures that took place – suffice to say; the fishing was awesome. We experienced days were we could see schools of salmon moving up through the Home Channel and Pool, and they would strike our flies readily since they were all fresh sea-liced fish full of energy and eagerness. I had one 12-13 kg fish take me 500 meters down the river, almost being defeated, but never giving in and in the end he won the battle – well deserved. Umba salmon are by far the strongest salmon I have encountered and several guests agreed with me on this. You never forget them – no matter whether they are landed or lost!

Thank you to all the Salmon Junkies guests I had the pleasure to assist this season – hope to see you out there next year.

Jan Delaporte

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