Umba – 2011 Program ready

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Yet another season is over in Russia  – and what a season we where blessed with, in spite that most of the rivers on Kola this year was down 10% – 20%. Mother nature can sometimes be a mighty participant, and Salmon fishing a tough game even in a salmon paradise like on Kola – Salmon Junkies weeks 2010 turned out to be more that success stories


Umba has never been the “high numbers” river regarding salmon, however this gem of a salmon river has fascinated thousands of salmon anglers during the last twenty years. One of the reasons is probably the fascination with this technical demanding and beautiful river, combined with very good chances for a big salmon in the 20 lbs to 30 lbs range.

My reunion with Umba in 2010 fulfilled not only my dream, but also that of numerous “Umba lovers”, who travelled with us to Umba this season. The weekly number of big salmon logged in the record book clearly indicates that we are on the right track with our anti-poaching program and conservation plans for the river. Every week during the entire season we were able to celebrate new members in our Twenty Pounds Club, and we even managed to recruit several “Double Members” to this exclusive club.

Salmon Junkies first season in Umba turned out to be quite a success story despite the fact that we as anglers can’t master the weather and other conditions beyond our control. That being said, there are also a lot of things we will begin to improve for the upcoming season; 5 new boats and jet motors. Huts places strategically along the Krivetz River bank for lunch breaks etc. We have also received 3 new boats for Krivetz, meaning easy access to double bank fishing in Krivetz. Finally we will do a major, interior as well as exterior, upgrade of our fantastic and beautiful Umba lodge – a lodge that is already one of the best lodges on the Kola Peninsula.

Salmon Junkies Summer and autumn program will remain unchanged – why change a product that has proved to be a true winner?

Salmon Junkies has succeeded in keeping the prices almost on the same level as the 2010 season. This will place Umba as the number 1 salmon destination for all of you seeking top quality accommodation and top salmon fishing in some of the finest salmon rivers on earth.


4/6 – 11/6
11/6 – 18/6
18/6 – 25/6

6/8 – 13/8
13/8 – 20/8
20/8 – 27/8
27/8 – 3/9
3/9 – 10/9
10/9 – 17/9
17/9 – 24/9
24/9 – 1/10
1/10 – 8/10
8/10 – 15/10

Prices from Euro 2750  – Euro 3350 – For more info and 2010 week reports – Please read more here on this web site

I will recommend you to contact me, in order to secure your week in Umba 2011, as some weeks already are near full booked

Sincerely yours


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