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I just got these news from Kåre in Umba. The water level is still high, but the river is dropping about 2 cm a day. Last week produced a lot of fine fish between 15-19 lbs., the biggest salmon was a 27 pounder caught by Bo Bengtson – a big welcome to the 20 lbs. Club. In fact we got 4 new members of the 20 lbs. Club… and 2 new double members; Sven Bungener and Tapio Sorsa from Loop. The new team of guests have so far caught 20 salmon, among those 6 eighteen pounders. Fishing is still best with internmediate or floating lines with fast sinking leaders. The weather is still relatively mild, 9 degrees Celsius. A new killer fly has been invented… so stay tuned for more Umba news!


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