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Wow! I just got this text message from Steffen at the Umba lodge. Heavy rain has made the Umba River rise about a foot. Fortunately the water has remained clear due to the large lakes taking up most of the run-off. The water temperature is still at 11 degrees Celsius, which is quite unusual this late in the season. Fishing is still best with floating lines and sinking or intermediate polyleaders. Lately some amazing autumn fish have been landed. However a lot have also been unhooked in the fierce rapids of Krivetz. Biggest salmon since September 21st are- and hold on: 2 x 15 lbs and 2 x 18 lbs. Furthermore we acquired a new member of the Salmon Junkies Twenty Pounds Club; Columbus Leth with a twenty pounder from Little Red Pool. The highlight of the week and the Grand Price has to go to David Jap, who today landed no less than three awesome salmon of 15, 20, and 26 lbs. So far David has landed three + 20 pounders during his week in Umba. His string of big salmon today was of course celebrated in the proper manner with vodka for all! Once again – congratulations David. How about that folks! Umba in the autumn – more to come


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