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Today was an extraordinary day, 5 new members joined the 20 Lbs Club…all this in just one day! David Jap got a fanstastic 21 Lbs just before breakfast in Home Channel, some breakfast:)…Later he got a beautiful 17 Lbs:) Both super fresh fish who just came in from the sea. Patrick Allard got a magnificent 22 Lbs in Doctors Pool. Inge Kliem got a super fresh 20 Lbs in Lower Rat Pool. Famous caster and salmon fishing icon Illtyd Griffits (Picture) hooked a big fresh Umba Whopper in Island Pool, however it went straight in to the foss and ripped 150 m line in just a few minutes, however managed to land the fish 300 m downstream, very dramatic and a fish to remember! Illtyd Griffits luck was not over, he landed after this event a 16 Lbs, a 12 Lbs and a 9 Lbs, what a day. Umba veteran Lars Palmefjord from Stockholm got a big beauty in Long Pool, 21 Lbs. Lots of fresh fish in the river and a big climb after yesterdays heavy rain which raised the river 5-7 cm. Next few days looks very promising, all fish taken on floating line with sinktip….what an autumn day in legendary Umba!

Stay tuned for more Umba action:)


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