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Steffen called me with a fish on and screaming reels to give me the latest reports, what a beautiful Bougle sound uhhh:) and it gets better. 40 salmons the last couple of days. Biggest a 20 Lbs. – 17 Lbs. – 16 Lbs.-15 Lbs. This morning fresh fish seen in Homepool jumping so fingers crossed for today. Water temperature still quite high for the season 10.5 C. Floating lines with sinking tips, preferred setup, best flies Red Butt, Green Highlander and the Cascade. We now expect lower temp the coming weeks which will attract even bigger numbers of the bigger salmons. So more Umba Whoppers on its way, we hope! The first frosty nights are in our prayers now going to bed and hopefully soon to come.

Stay tuned for more Umba action


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