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Umba continues its positive course this beautiful autumn. So far – mid week – 6 salmons per rod, lots of fine fish between 12 Lbs to 18 Lbs. Last 3 days, we have seen 3 salmons of 12 Lbs, 1 x 13 Lbs, 2 x 14 Lbs, 1 x 15 Lbs, 2 x 16 Lbs, 1 x 18 Lbs and a 21 Lbs, welcome to 20 Pounder Club Benjamin Domange:) Yesterday 3 monsters lost, one salmon stripped a Molin reel completely for 200 m of backing, however turned finaly around a big rock and dissapeared in Krivetz strong fosses. Water temperature is 10 and air 13-15 Celsius (day). All looks good and promising:) Best flies so far not surprisingly Billy Butt, Amse Fly and Red Butt, however Cascade, Ally Shrimp is moving up the latter..dont forget:)

Stay tuned for more Umba action…


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