21 fall salmon in two day for 7 rods

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This report from Camp Manager Jan Delaporte: the last two days in Umba have produced 21 salmon for 7 rods. Biggest fresh salmon have been a 18 lbs.; 17.5 lbs; 16Lbs; 15.5 lbs and 2 x 12 lbs. Most of the fish have been caught in the lower part from Junction pool down to Doc. Pool. Water Temp. 10C and Air Temp daytime 10C – 15C. Top flies have been Green Highlander, Red Butt I size 6 – 8 / Floating line

I will be heading Umba tomorrow where I will stay until 11th October – can’t wait for my return to this gem. During the next six weeks a lot of old friends and Umba lovers will swing there flies through Umba’s gin clear water, chasing one of the finest trophy a salmon angler can catch. I really look forward to seeing you all.

Umba River is one of those places, where you may lose your soul forever, but you may very well also discover it there.

See you in Umba

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