Simms goes camo 2011

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Simms new line of clothe – a category of product that is maybe not the most technical but pretty cool nonetheless – camo gear!

Does camouflage really matter that much when you’re fishing? Probably not.  Does camo gear look cool? Hmmmmmm??? Anyway its nice to have some gear options that aren’t olive or khaki or dark blue?  Heck yeah.

Simms is showing some serious dedication to camo in their 2011 product line. total 12 items will be available in camo in 2011

In the picture up top you see the Rogue Fleece Hoody, a super comfortable top made of polyester with a DWR coating and a really soft lining.  This is not a particularly technical piece but will be great for layering and lounging around camp.  Also tucked in there are the 6-panel Washed Twill Cap and the new Sungaiter (think Buff but cut a little different).  Expect to see that hoody on a lot of pieces of water and at associated nearby watering holes.

Note to those of you who hate camo and are currently choking on your morning cup of coffee: all the items mentioned in this post are also available in non-camo colors as well.

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