In Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs – Every day – Every week – From May until October

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I have been fortunate to fish almost all of the rivers on the Kola Peninsula. At the same time having been at most of the Kola lodges I have to say there is a very special feeling and atmosphere at the Umba lodge. A summer evening on the lodge veranda overlooking Home Pool – often with jumping salmon in sight – creates lifelong memories. Or the stories told after fishing on dark autumn nights in front of the big cosy fireplace that just add to the outstanding experience.  All this combined with great food and friendly service makes this one of the nicest lodges anywhere.

Of course there is much more to tell about the Umba River. For example that the Krivetz beat is one of the most classic, but also challenging flywaters I ever have fished. In addition to Krivetz you will have access to all the famous classic Umba pools like, Rat’s Pool, Brad’s Pool, Lohkinka, The Bar, Home Pool and Doctor’s Pool, and all the other smaller or bigger pools. And all pools are within a short distance of the outstanding Umba lodge.

Autumn time in Umba

The month of August

August on the Umba is a transition month. The weather is gradually getting cooler, as well as the water. The fishing in Krivetz is at its optimum with pools virtually full of fish from the summer run, as well as the last autumn run.  Usually the first of the fall-run salmon enter the river during the last two weeks of August. These salmon are big, bright and extremely aggressive. This is truly Umba fishing at its best, using small, fast swung flies and light tackle. The take from one of these fish will feel like an explosion “all the way into your backing”…

The months of September and October

The late season on Umba is the time, when the biggest salmon run up our beats. This unique and late run consists of extremely deep and powerful salmon “designed” by mother nature to spend a full year in the river before spawning the following year.

From the lodge you can watch fresh salmon entering Home Pool every day, jumping and challenging swung flies. This time of the year most people would normally be fishing with sinking lines and big flies, but we do best with small flies in sizes 6 – 8 fished on intermediate or floating lines. Although the days are shorter and the weather is harsher, the autumn fishing in Umba is unparalleled.

Stay tuned on for frequently reports and news from Umba, as we will start our autumn season 21st August

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