Mohlin of Sweden – Probably the finest hand made fly reels in the world

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Bo Mohlin is a fully qualified engineer and avid angler. He lives in the South part of Sweden, in a small town close to the famous river Em. In 1981 he was fishing with a Bogdan reel and his friend asked him if he could also have one. That proved to be impossible, so Bo decided to make him his very own reel. That was easier said than done since he did not have the proper tools. However, after a long hard struggle the first Mohlin reel was created in August 1981.

Much has change since those days. During the last 24 years, Bo Mohlin has developed his own unique style of reels.

Every aspect of production is done in his own workshop, starting with high quality bar stock aluminium until the final anodizing process. In 1992 Mohlin decided he had enough of the poor performance of the normal Anti-reverse reels and the developed his now famous double-action reel. His reels are tested in practice fishing again and again. Feedback from customers is always taken into account and used in further developments.

All Bo Mohlin’s reels are made by one man, and one man only – Bo Mohlin

Each reel is completely hand made out of the best bar stock aluminium. For all the other reel parts only the highest quality materials such as high-grade stainless steel for shaft and screws, and special conditioned hardwood for the handles are used. All reel parts fit with absolutely perfection, no machine made reel can match this precision. Every reel is finished with a super smooth anodized finished either in gold, black or gun metal blue. Of course, every reel comes with a beautiful hand made heavy duty leather reel case

Beside his super cool fly reels Mohlin also makes an excellent range of other hand made products including the finest folding knifes, Draggers, and drinking cups. The Swedes know about fly fishing and other outdoor activities, and you will find every aspect of that experience in the Mohlin products.

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