The gorgeous Pools of Krivetz and Umba River

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For all our many guests visiting Umba this autumn. Study this small pool description, in order to be well prepared for your week in Umba.


The walk upstream from Junction pool to the top of the Krivetz stretch, i.e. Golden pool takes about 50 minutes on an easy and scenic trail. It takes approx 20 minutes to walk to first pool upstream, Office pool.  Salmon Junkies recommend you bring a small backpack when fishing the Krivetz. Some people prefer to walk in ordinary trousers and sport shoes.

Fishing the Krivetz section

  • Golden Run: A 300 yard stretch from Lake Poncho down to Golden Pool; it is fished from both banks – a more beautiful place is difficult to find. A real hot spot during the entire season.

  • Golden Pool: Pretty easily waded and fished from both banks, as well as from our wooden boat. A one-and-a-half mile stretch of river with fish throughout.
  • Stick Pool: 400 meters downstream Golden Pool on the right side. A difficult pool to locate and reach without help from your guide. A great spot that gives the best possible swing and a chance for big fish.
  • Nick’s pool: 200 meters down stream Stick pool. Nick’s pool is easy to cover, but don’t wade to deep. Cast square and fish the pool down to the inlet of Long pool. Nick’s Pool can be fished from both banks. The left side can be difficult to wade as you have to wade deep. Nick’s pool always holds fish from May until November.
  • Long Pool: This is the largest pool on the Krivetz river, 500 yards long, and about a 25 minutes walk downstream the tent camp. It is fished from both banks, and it has a great spot for a riverside lunch. You have to wade deep some places. Let you guide show where to start and where to end.
  • Little Red Pool: A 40 yard stretch of water, 10 minute walk upstream from Island Pool. Both bank works fine. Always worth a try…
  • Island Pool: A 25 minutes walk upstream from Junction Pool. A very good pool with 150 yards of fishable water. The Island is reached by wading or by boat.
  • Christer’s corner: Opposite Island pool – short casts towards the Pool inlet and wading down until you are opposite the top part of the island.
  • Pine pool: 300 meters upstream from Island pool left bank of Krivetz – A great running pool for big salmon.
  • Office Pool: This pool is the first pool after some very long and hard rapids and is truly one of the very best Atlantic salmon pools in the world. A 20 minutes walk from Junction Pool. Office can be fished from both banks

Fishing the Umba River section – Lower section of Umba

  • Junction Pool: This is the uppermost pool on lower Umba River, situated 3 miles upstream from the lodge. The fish rest here before going up the Krivetz River. Fishable by boat, but the top part can be covered from the bank / island right side

  • Rat Pool: This pool is accessible by boat, and is situated about 400 yards upstream Lower Rat Pool. It is fished equally well from bank or boat. Fishing Rat pool from the bank, you should cover the pool from the left side.

  • The Rat Rapids: 5 – 7 smaller running pools – tough wading on the left side. Most of the taking spots on the right side of the Rat Rapids can be cover by gently wading along the bank.

  • Lower Rat Pool: Situated 2 miles upstream from the lodge. Can be fished from boat or the left bank

  • Brad’s Pool: Access is by boat or on foot. Approximately one mile upstream from the lodge. Wading is very easy and the current only moderate. It is fished equally well from both banks – 20 minutes walk from our lodge – easy wading from both banks.

  • Lohkinga: A beautiful fast pool for big fish – Lohkinga refers to several pools accessible from the left and right banks.

  • Steffen’s run: Just 10 minutes walk upstream the lodge – 10 – 14 meters cast – Give the run a fast “go” and try it again 20 minutes later…

  • The Bar: This pool is just a few hundred yards upstream from the lodge and is reached by boat. It is fished from the boat in early June and by wading later on.

  • Home Pool: This pool is fished well from both banks. Access to the opposite bank is by boat; either with guides during fishing hours or later by rowing across on your own. Excellent fishing during the entire season – and at all water levels. One of the best pools.

  • Home Channel: Start 5 meters upstream the overhanging cable just below Home pool and fish the Channel down to the fast inlet of Doctor’s pool. In spring the best fishing is from the left bank, as salmon are heading towards the warmer water from the Roma River tributary. From the middle of June and towards the end of the season the right bank is best.

  • Doctor’s Pool: This is the first holding pool on the river. It is fished either from boat or from the lodge side bank (right) – a sand bar will lead you far out and into Doctor’s pool, but be aware of the strong current.These are some of the hottest pools and spots in Umba, but remember there are still “untouched” spots and pools ready to be named after you!

Please note that most of the described pools above do not require extreme deep wading – you will do fine in almost all pools by wading waist deep. You will be surprised how many salmon are very close to the bank. Most pools are disturbed by deep wading. With a 12 – 20 meter cast you will be able to cover 90% of all the described pools.

Umba is difficult and slippery wading, especially as the season progresses, when algae from the large lakes cover most of the rocks and stones in the river. Use a wading stick or let you guide help you out into the pool. Studded boots help, but be careful when wading – no matter if you are fishing in shallow water or wading “breast deep” far out into the river.

However – a true Umba angler or fishing guide will always have “a swim” sooner or later… believe me, I’ve swam too!

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