Summer diary from Umba river

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Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola have affected Salmon anglers from all over the world like the Umba. Since the beginning when the first pioneers fished this astonishing river, Umba has symbolized Russian Salmon fishing with all its fascinating elements, and Umba is one of the few rivers holding a good and fishable run of autumn salmon (Osenka salmon).
Umba is a unique place and to watch life unfold in the small community of Pogorst when you are fishing Home Pool, takes you into another world – back to your great-grandfather’s life when everything was simpler.
Our beats are divided into very different sections around the lodge. You have at beautiful gentle part of the river with classic tails and gliding pools. 15 minutes boat ride and 20 minutes walking upstream you will find the wild Krivetz stretch with fast water and classic pools – one of the finest salmon surroundings on the Kola Peninsula.

In some few weeks we hope a strong autumn run will start.

A fortuned and lucky man cast his small fly” into the bridge of Rainbow” – and you can find a gold treasure at the end of a rainbow.

Home water

Silver from Golden Run

Coffee break in Golden Pool

A sunny morning in Office Pool

Salmon fishing is a mental sport, where you can move from seventh heaven to the valley of despair in a flash second. The experienced salmon angler tries to enjoy the whole game in solid peace – at least in public

Salmon fishing is a sport that can both fill and break your heart

A truly miracle like a salmon has to be handled with respect

The take is the most electrifying moment. But a good long and powerful run is almost as good, and for some fishermen even better.

Each cast trigger expectation – The mighty Atlantic salmon can grab your little hand tied fly at any of its swimming seconds.

So many rivers…….so little time

Fly-fishing is not a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that

Well, this is called patience by those who don’t know. But it is nothing at all like patience. It is hope, undying, unquenchable, the heart and soul of salmon fishing

My biggest worry is that my wife (when I’m dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it

You must have hooked many salmon, lost some and landed far more, before you can call yourself a “salmon angler” – BUT the take from just ONE Salmon – has the power to hook you for life. – Svend Saabye

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