Ponoi report from Campmanager Jan De La Porte – Acha camp 17 – 24 July

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Well, fishing continued to be a tough work and the weather warm and very windy – no rain or cooling down, which was very much needed. The river dropped all week and some of the upper parts on Beat 1 began to be too shallow for decent fishing. A small island formed in the middle of Home Pool!

I had a little more time to fish with only 3 guests and got some nice fish; 82, 78, 77 and 76 cm. The big one went far into the backing – so cool

It seemed there was a small run of larger fish in the middle of the week – the guides even talked about a very earlier ’forefront’ of the autumn run… One of the guests, Magnus from Sweden, landed some nice ones in the +70 cm range.

Friday was unfishable due to a storm, which blew one of the toilet houses over!

Fishing required floating lines with thin (0.25mm) and long nylon tippets (22 feet) or clear intermediate polyleaders, small flies sizes 10 and 12. The Cascade and Ally Shrimp proved to do well for the quite large ratio of fresh fish in the river. Conditions were actually quite suitable for fishing with a one hand rod. I did manage to catch 3 salmon on the riffling hitch.

I want to thank all the great guests who fought on despite the tough conditions and fished hard all day and into the night – you are – or have become – true salmon junkies) congratulations on a job well done!!!

Hope to see you again out there.

Jan, camp manager

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