Ponoi report from great salmon angler Bernard Lunel

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The two weeks (June 12-19,and 19-26) were tougher than last year, mainly due to an overall smaller run of salmon this year (confirmed by the others anglers we meat in Murmansk airport on our way back). was the same for Varzina, Yokanga, Varzuga, Pana, ect….The weather, as usual, pretty variable: cold and very windy the first week, with water temperature from 8° C when we arrived, up to 11° C at the end of the first  week.

Total 279 fish were landed:

1 big fish weighed at 20 Lbs

33 fish between 10 and 19 Lbs

123 fish between 6 and 9 Lbs

122 grilse.

Average 28 fish per rod,(comparing with the last year, the same week produced 410 fish for 6 rod-average of 68 fish per rod).

Hard job for the 10 rods, but also a lot of fun, and whisky…

The Scotish team (I.Henderson-H.Mackay) with the green highlander fly became top rods.

Closely followed by the Italian-French team (A.Borziani-B.Lunel).

Congratulations to R. Munro-Ferguson who landed the biggest fish of the week. A cracking 20+Lbs Salmon. RMF. became the second member of the 20Lbs club Acha Camp.

The second week, the weather was changing every half day: cold, rain, sun, and also very windy, Giving at the end of the week, an water temperature of 15/17 C. and air temperature 20/25 C. Strong wind, most part of the day, which colored the water, making the fishing very challenging, for the 3 rods in action (the party was completed by 7 Russian anglers.

Total for the 3 rods 105 fish:

1 fish weighted 20 Lbs

15 fish between 10 and 19 Lbs

30 fish between 6 and 9 Lbs

59 grilse

Average 35 fish per rod (comparing with last year, this week, produced 58 fish per rod).

Top rod, B.Lunel, closely followed by G.Pieters, and G.Garnier.

Congratulations to G.Garnier, who landed the big fish of the week, a nice 20 pounders, becoming the third member of the 20 Lbs club-Acha Camp this season. Gerald G. caught, also on the same day 3 fish,between,14, 15, 18 Lbs  – Well done Gerard!

So, were 2 weeks very challenging, with the weather not favourable, and a very slow run of fish. But…tell me,
between you and me, in those conditions where else could you get the same result ?…..

Best regards

Bernard Lunel

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