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Sorry for the late report, we had a switch among our editorials coming/leaving the Kola Peninsula which has caused a minor delay in our reports. Last week however not too exciting news, Umba was hit by tropical weather all week combined with slow run of fresh fish who probably preferred the colder water at sea. Not many fish landed…Biggest fish was landed by Bob Bachman; a nice 16 pounder. This week has however improved so far with fresh summer fish, biggest so fat 17 pounder by Mörrum veteran Lars Terkildssen and Heitz Pape with a nice 15 pounder, his first salmon, well done! Emanuele Buranelli lost an Umba Whopper in Brads Pool, his line simply collapsed. I just heard this evening that warm weather now returned again, whereto the overall strategy now is flies in seize 10-12 added with night fishing. Stay tuned for more…and hopefully some refreshing news


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