Ponoi Report – Week 26

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The rough wind and cold wind continued (week 25 ) and we had water temperature dropping from 16 to 8 degrees over night and air down to 6. The wind made the water mushy and made the catches more difficult, however not in Homepool and Patmanga (Beat 1). Even though we had some tough conditions the group managed 125 salmons – 6 rods – and further more we experienced again larger fish – 10-17 pounds – as in week 25. Floating lines with fast sinking tips and intermediary or monofil was the overall recipe and now I would definitely go for floating line and monofil/intermediary since the water level has dropped a bit. Small flies seize 6-8, however I would recommend 8. Cascade/Mediator  and Black Sheep was the top flies, there are some to be bought in our small shop.  The mild weather came back Friday and produced good numbers and I expect the next week will be good since we contacted good numbers of very fresh fish. Stay tuned for more…


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