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Kåre Lundquist just called me from Ponoi with the report for the week. The guests caught 33-35 fish per angler (as of Friday afternoon, so figures will probably reach close to or above 40 by Saturday). This year the number of larger salmon is surprisingly high. This week saw one 20 pounder landed, so yet another member of the 20 lbs. Club – well done Gerard Garnier! Quite a substantial number of fish were between 12 to 18 pounds. It seems like the average size of Ponoi salmon has gone up this year. The weather has been varied as usual, water temperature is now around 14-15 degrees Celsius, and the air temperature 17-25 degrees Celsius. Quite strong winds for a good part of the week, which colored the water slightly. Favourite flies are still the Cascade and Green Highlander on floating/intermediate or preferably floating/fast sinking tip lines. Ponoi is Ponoi and virtually unbeatable in the world looking at numbers for size  – that being said, this year has so far been a year where everyone still had to work at it to catch fish. Not a bad challenge though!

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