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Just got an encouraging sms from Steffen. Sun is shining, spring weather, 2 days fishing has produced 25 fish up to 18 pounds. Quite a few big ones lost. Floating line and flies seize 6-8 still the right medicine. Fish taken in both Krivetz and Umba and best Pools so far are; Brads, The Bar and Golden Run. Office and Island Pool still needs a drop in water level before they can be fished properly, however one should try sinking line.

A new sms just came in, “we have just landed an 18 pounder in Nicks Pool, the fight took 45 min and took several times up to 250 meters of backing uhhh. For a while they thought it was not hooked right, but the fly was right in the jaws:)

Stay tuned for more…


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