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Just got a report from Steffen; yesterday the guests caught 10 salmon and lost some real big monsters! Steffen reckons there are a lot of fish in the river and they have seen many fish jumping – good news for you guys heading up there soon… It is raining a little bit, and it is quite cool, but the water level has stayed the same – so perfect conditions all in all. This morning Steffen hiked up the Krivetz and it is definitely possible to fish and wade now. He caught an 18 and an 13 pounder, awesome fish. The water is still quite cool and fish holding deep, so he recommends bringing sinking lines, e.g. S1 or sink tip lines. Nothing very heavy, but just to  get down a little until the temperature rises and the weather starts to heat up. Be ready – it sounds like Umba is in for some great fishing!


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