Fish Report Ponoi – Week 23

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Steffen called in and could report a good week alltogether for Ponoi and Acha Float progamme. 9o fish on the Acha Float, french team of 6 rods got 90 fish, many reported between 15-18 pounds, well done France! They experienced same tough weather conditions of 3 cold days with heavy wind. However, the last days the sun came back again and the french team ended up with a very good week. Acha camp programme has been good too however with same tough conditions; an average  of 30+ fish per rod must be viewed as a very good week as well. Floating line coming from intermediate with a fast sink tip did the numbers, fish now coming to the surface for the flies is what we all waited for. Green Highlander was the Nr. 1 fly, smaller flies between 6-8, so even though the cold weather came in Summer fishing techniques now applies. For you guys coming to Ponoi the next 3 weeks expect very good fishing, so many fish now in the system, the main run for Acha has started and lots fish entering everyday, perfect conditions.

While talking to Steffen – in Umba now – 2 guys came in to main camp for lunch in Umba and they got 5 salmons between them and monster that got away, good start on week 24:)

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