World famous fly tier Thorsten Strüben’s and his astonishing flies

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Salmon Junkies are very proud and happy to announce, that we will have Thorsten Strüben’s tube flies for sale in Ponoi and Umba in the upcoming season – Thorsten’s flies represent the best “ammunition” available on the market. A truly “must have” in the box or framed on the wall.
Besides being a one of the best fly tire in the world, Thomas is of course a dedicated salmon Junkies, chasing salmon wherever it is possible. Finally Thomas is a damn nice guy always ready to help and share
In 2011 Thomas will launce a comprehensive book about Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing – knowing Thorsten, his new book will be a necessity for all real Salmon Junkies

The first fly in Thorsten’s series is of coursed named Salmon Junkie – a shocking attractive fly that will nail a lot of Salmon in the future – more to come

Salmon Junkie
Tube. US Tube 10 mm
Tag: Red Flatbraid
Tail: Red Fluo Fiber
Body: Golden Hologrphic Ice Dubbing
Body Hackle: Orange Saddle Hackle
Wing: Golden Olive Zonker Strip
Fronthackle 1: Golden OliveHenback or Schlappen
Fronthackle2: Barred Golden Olive Softhackle
Checks: Jungle cock from breeding
Head: red

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