New Boats and equipment for Umba

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Yesterday I manage to ship 250 Kg of gear to Umba – New Guideline Waders, Jackets, Boots, Fleece clothes, together with Spey rods, Spey reels and lines for the upcoming season was packed neatly with a inventory. And more to come.

A reunion will take place when I arrive to Umba 29th May, where I plan to stay for a week in order to set up the Lodge and operation.

In order to update the existing flotilla of Jet boats in Umba, 3 new boats have been purchased, together with 3 smaller boats for Krivetz river, where they will come handy when crossing the river.

Our new conservation plan has now reached second stage, and within some weeks a coast guard boat will control the White coast and mouth of Umba river until October month.

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