“And now to something completely different” – New innovative fly from master fly-tier Danish Brian Størup

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Check out this super cool and different fly – you can be sure that the salmon never have anything like this before. These sorts of flies are always worth a try if you been through “all the other flies” in you fly box. – a awesome fly in quality and style

Brian’s “Potty Pig”

Tube: ProMicroTube
Butt: Smal SoftDisc. For lifting the materials
Hackle: Yellow Henback
Tail: Wild Boer Dyed hot Orange, and Orange Badger
Rib: Gold mini flatbraid
Body: A mix of Salmon Supreme Crest and Chrismas Angelhair
Fronthackle: Yellow henback
Back: Fl. Fibre yellow or red and Jungle Cock from breeding
Head: ProCone Red, Small

Thanks Brian

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