Umba River – 4 open rods in June and July

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Low-priced and great Salmon fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings. This answers everything a Salmon angler can ask for and really lift quantity and quality into a higher level.

Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have had such a spellbinding and deeply felt effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. For many of them it has almost become a lifelong love affair and you may witness hardened and weather-beaten anglers become all “mushy”, when they reflect and talk about Umba. Such is the character of this river and there are really very few places left in this world like it.

The new Umba Lodge on the banks of the fabled Home Pool was opened in the year 2000.

The fantastic centre building contains the dining area and a very comfortable lounge with a big fireplace.  Two wings fan out from the round centre building and accommodate the staff and contain the guest rooms as well as kitchen facilities. The dining area is tastefully decorated and very stylish. Here all Umba guests will feel like “Knights of the Round Table” enjoying high quality and tasty cuisine.

A narrow hallway leads to the guests’ warm and cosy rooms. All rooms accommodate two anglers and contain a private bathroom. The interior is built in style, entirely out of local timber materials. The rooms have been designed for storage of all the gear and tackle salmon anglers always carry with them. A porch circles the entire lodge with access from all rooms. This is convenient for drying wet clothes and waders – and a very nice place to watch salmon jumping in the awesome Home Pool.

A very unique experience awaits you at the incomparable Umba timber lodge – for sure one of the most luxurious lodge on the entire Kola Peninsula. It is like a small palace in the wilderness – just the right place to discover the enchanting soul of the Umba River.

What can you expect fishing the Umba River? Let me put it to you in a very straightforward manner – Umba is for the guy who is seeking demanding superior quality fishing.  AND- Umba is also tough wading and long (healthy) walks. We have no fancy hovercrafts or jet boats, who can ferry you up or down the river the whole day – except on the lower beats in Umba.

The Krivetz River (upper section of Umba) is a fast river with strong currents, big boulders and strenuous wading on slippery boulders, long casts and monster salmon.

Umba is a demanding chase for silver and suited for the experienced and committed Salmon angler prepared battle for his salmon.

no matter what time of the season you choose to come, you will encounter a week of unforgettable salmon fishing! Each part of the season encompasses its magic and lure along this wonderful forest river on the south side of the Kola Peninsula. Silvery salmon lie in its many demanding pools from early May until the end of October providing for a long and exciting season.

There are rivers on the Kola Peninsula, where you have the chance of catching higher numbers of smaller fish – but the unique mix of quantity-size and quality, i.e. ocean fresh fish, that you will find on in Umba is unparalleled!

The Umba river system has something like five different salmon runs each year and some of these consist of fish specially “designed” (pumped up in protein) to spend almost 2 years in the river before returning to sea! An incredible feat actually – homage and respect to the salmon.

As May ends and we move into the middle of June, the summer will manifest itself with high-pressure weather and sunny weather.

The amount of summer fish on our beats is probably peaking at end of June and beginning of July, and the reason why the catch per rod is a bit higher in June is probably related to weather and temperature being more optimal for the salmon to take the fly.  Regarding the fish – two major things happen during this period. We see an increase in fresh grilse so that the salmon to grilse ratio goes up towards 1:1. But we also encounter some of the overwintering or hibernating fish  bound for an 18 month stay in the river before spawning, and you will not be in doubt when you hook one of those. Being up to 25% heavier measured in length these bombs will make your lower jaw hit your chest and have you recheck your backing…

The average summer run salmon will be between 7 and 15 lb. but every week will see bigger fish landed – usually males and sometimes well over 20 lb.

In September the life giving and short polar summer is coming to an end. Autumn sets in quickly and the surrounding forest literally explodes in a spectacular explosion of colours along the banks of the river. This is the time and call for fulfilling one of the dedicated salmon anglers’ wildest dreams – big, ocean fresh autumn fish! Do not be surprised if you catch sea-liced fish right into October and later – these are the mythical Osenka salmon.

The average catch per rod at this time of year will drop a bit compared to the wild and sometimes “hysterical” summer weeks, but you will still have good chances for numbers in double figures and with some bright, sparkling fresh run salmon from 15 to 30 lbs. –  “Umba whoppers”.

Autumn fishing for Umba salmon is comparable to Steelhead fishing in British Colombia – Quality and challenging fishing in every sense of the word.

Daily schedule in Umba River

The daily fishing starts after Breakfast approx 09.00 and continue until Lunch where approx half of the group will return to the main Lodge for Lunch – the other half will have a bank side lunch together with the guide at one of the fireplaces we have along the spectacular Krivetz stretch. The daily fishing stops around 19.00 and dinner will be served at 20.00 in the lodge. After that the program is off schedule and usually- social relaxation in front the Lodge’s big fireplaces where the air soon will be filled with good stories.


This is how you will spend your week in Umba

Saturday Day 1: Arrive in Russia / Murmansk airport (MMK). Approx, five hours bus drive to Umba.

In June you will be able to fish Saturday evening after dinner. In September; socializing and fun on the arrival day.

Sunday Day 2: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Monday Day 3: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Tuesday Day 4: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Wednesday Day 5: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Thursday Day 6: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Friday Day 7: Salmon fishing – Umba / Krivetz river

Saturday Day 8: Leave the Umba lodge at 4 am with our scheduled bus to Murmansk airport. Arrival at MMK approx. 9 am. Earlier departures are possible, if needed.

Please notice for Umba:

  • Day 1 – If you are using alternatives travelling routes, we can arrange private transport from Murmansk to Umba – that means you can travel straight to Umba after your arrival at Murmansk airport on Friday evening, as all domestic flights arrive at Murmansk airport late Friday evening. This way you can get one extra day of fishing on the Saturday.
  • Day 8 – one extra day fishing is possible Saturday – contact Salmon Junkies for open rods and price

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