Danish Voodoo fly tier Brian Størup and his Black Sheep – or as he call it – The IKEA Fly

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“IKEA fly”

Brian writes, “This fly is only 2cm long. A real killer in low water. It’s an interpretation of the famous Black Sheep. A Swedish friend of mine named it “The IKEA fly” after he caught a big sea trout in River Mørrum in Sweden. The first version I did 2 years ago did not have a cone head.”

Black Sheep in one of my absolutely favourite for both Ponoi and Umba – most of the time I fish the Black Sheep on a double hook size 6 or 8 – From June until end of September

The IKEA Fly

Tube: ProMicroTube, black
Body: Mix of icedub, black Angel flash and blue Angel hair
Rib: Silver mirage tinsel
Undewing: Black&Red Angel hair
Overwing: Yellow Rabbit
Fronthackle: Kingfisher Blue henback
Cheeks: Jungle Cock from breeding
Head: ProCone Small Red
HookGuide: Black, small

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