Good news from our Head guide Nick Podolsky in Umba

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Umba – Home pool

The Umba camp staffs have already been working for several weeks, with intensive preparations for the upcoming season. Nick Podolsky and his crew of hard working guides, have just returned from some tough days in Krivetx, where they have build up new tables and benches strategic placed, along Golden Pool, Long Pool and Island Pool. Nick have also been working intensively to improve the track through the 400m mushy area close to the Golden pool – Firewood have been collected and broken threes have been cut along the main track, as well along the smalle side tracks. As you can see on the photo, taken from Home pool, we still have a lot of snow in Umba with daily just above zero

Several improvements in and outside the fantastic Umba Lodge is also in the tube.

Photo from Yesterday – Doctor’s Pool just downstream Umba Lodge

A new GSM antenna for better Mobile covering has also been bought and will be ready for the season start in June. A squad of private protection groups are already now controlling the river in order to follow the conservation plan for magnificent Umba. A permanent cost guard boat will also be placed in the river mouth from end of May until end of season.

All this and far more, is a part of our big serious action plan for Umba river

Can’t wait for my return to the great and fabulous Umba river – a truly salmon heaven in the right salmon community

Thanks for your help so far Nick


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