Some playing and releasing advices

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  • Gearing up: Your leader tip should be heavy enough to bring a large salmon quickly. There is nothing sporty about too weak tackle.
  • In order to land the fish most efficiently, it is important to keep a constant side pressure in the fish, in order to force it to swim. Never fight the fish just with a upraise rod.
  • When playing and landing a fish move into quiet location
  • Bring the fish quickly into reach. Never beach the salmon.
  • If it is hard to remove the hook, cut the leader and leave the fly in the mouth of the salmon. It will normally falls out within a day or two
  • Measure the fish while it is in the water. If both girth and length are taken, a rather accurate estimation can be made by using this formula – Girth times Girth times Length divided by 800 = Weight

All Salmon Junkies programmes operates a strict catch and release policy. All fish must be reported and registered daily in the camp’s catch statistic book. All fishing is strictly “Fly only”, with use of single or double barb less hook. We request extremely care in handling all fish.

A – Please do not beach the fish on dry land/rocks. Land and unhook it in shallow water

B – When fishing from a boat try to land big fish from the bank.

C – For photographs please ensure the fish is supported underneath. Wet your hands (never ever hold it up by the tail or the mouth) and return it to the water as soon as possible.

D – When returning the fish support it in the water (mouth pointing upstream) unto it has fully recuperated before allowing it to swim away.

To help assure complete recovery of your released salmon, handle the fish as little as possible.

Save the memories by releasing and unharmed fish – this way you will help conserve our valuable Atlantic salmon stock

Thanks for reading this, and I wish you all a happy weekend


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