The uncomplicated and trustworthy Amse fly

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The Amse fly came to light some years ago, when I was going to take part a couple of films projects in Ponoi and Umba – I wanted a simple, lively and strong Tube fly, based on the cool facts, that Salmon find flies in a mix of Black, Yellow, Orange and Brown irresistible.

In order to have a strong fly I brought the Zonker style into the design. The outcome became a sparkling and very robust pattern, that didn’t get chewed up as it happens with a traditional hair wing.

I like to use a US. tube – The Us tube comes in various lengths and metal colours, but I prefer the 10mm model in copper (other sorts of tubes can be used).

Amse fly can of course be tied on a single or double hook as well

Body: None.

Wing: Rabbit skin Zonker type: Colour in Rusty or dark Brown – The wing shouldn’t be longer than 1 – 1 ½ cm behind the tube body, and the skin strip shouldn’t be wider then 1 – 2 mm. Flashy material like Krystal hair or Angel hair can be used very sparsely and carefully.

Hackle: Total 3 fat Hen Hackles – Start from behind – Yellow, Orange and finally Black (Instead of Black hackle you can also use Kingfisher Blue) – I prefer to have strong touch of Yellow in the hackle section

The Amse fly have proved its worth under almost all sorts of conditions from spring to late autumn – During the last couple of seasons I have caught around 250 Salmon on this fly in Ponoi and Umba, so its certainly worth a try in the upcoming season

See you out there


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