Check out a real beauty from Danish Varde Å

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Some days ago I described how fantastic the salmon fishing in Denmark have become during the last years. Many of the rivers along the west cost of Jutland contain today some of the biggest Salmon in Northern Europe.

We own a lot to the local enthusiastic anglers who have been terminated and focused during the hard work to restore the Danish Salmon Rivers. But all this was of course not possible without finical help from the local authorities and EU. – From here a biiiiig thanks to all you who have made this possible

The picture above show one of the many big Salmon that has been caught during the last two weeks in Varde Å – During Easter Jesper Petersen from Denmark caught this magnificent 17 kg salmon. It measured 118 cm and was caught on a old Danish fly pattern named “Hedefluen” (Moorfly)

Same day a 15,8 kg. a 18kg and a 18,7 kg salmon was caught in Varde Å


Tail: Red wool, marabou or other soft material

Rib: Oval Gold tinsel

Body: Peacock

Body hackle: Rusty Brown Hen hackle

Wing: White soft hair like Polar fox or similar

Front Hackle: Rusty Brown Hen hackle

How more simple can it get?

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