Danish Salmon Bonanza

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Many years of hard work on grass root level have started to pay of in Denmark. Committed local engagement and support from Eu and the Danish State have proved its worth.

One of the most significant catches was done 5th April in Varde Å in the southern part of Denmark. During one morning a 17 kilo, 18 kilo and a 18,7 kilo was caught.  All super fresh and straight from the sea.
Not Only Varde Å have showed some fantastic catches during the last years. River like Skjern Å and Storåen are in the same league as Varde. Last year the biggest Salmon from Skjern Å was a magnificent 35lbs fresh salmon and Storåen produced a 43lbs slivery salmon.

So now it seems Denmark soon can match magnificent rivers such as Dee and Tweed when it comes to springer fishing for salmon looking for BIG whoppers, which seems unparalleled.

However one question remain – How can our Nordic brothers in Sweden and Norway fail so significantly in their attempts to restore the rivers and Salmon stock???

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