Ponoi and Umba – Programs designed for the passionate Salmon angler looking for that ultimate combination of fantastic fishing, outstanding service and stunning scenery.

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Welcome to our community ‐ Salmon Junkies want to provide the best salmon fishing available on the market for the Salmon anglers, who are searching for the true values in Salmon angling. We will pursue the goal of providing a small but carefully chosen selection of very attractive salmon programmes at a fair price ‐ Programs designed for the passionate Salmon angler looking for that ultimate combination of fantastic fishing, outstanding service and stunning scenery. We want to service the dedicated salmon angler through a strong personal contact and provide the right frames for a truly dynamic and passionate salmon fishing community – Welcome!

Ponoi river

We are proud to offer our Ponoi program– In the Acha Camp you will find our comfortable camp located right at the awesome junction of Acha River and Ponoi river.

For the fit salmon bum we offer our “Acha River Explore Program” ‐ 7 days in the most breathtaking environment in all aspects – Both programs are top notch stuff and priced near one third of other programs.

Ponoi offers the best of two worlds. Here you will find a wonderful combination of great numbers of salmon with attractive sizes up to 18 – 25 lbs. In addition to liberal hours of guided fishing each day, there is unlimited productive fishing right at your doorstep at the junction Home pool – probably the best and most productive pool in the entire Ponoi system – or why not some hot action in Ponoi best tributary – the small and very productive Acha River, which almost literately runs through the Acha camp.

The comforts of the cosy Acha Camp: comfortable wooden huts with electricity and wood heated stoves, and a relaxed and warm camp atmosphere, provides a welcome respite each day you are there. The aesthetics of the fishing ‐ fish as you prefer, whether wading and casting from the bank casting or fish from a boat. This combination of methods accommodates weather variables, different water levels, and your ability to cast or wade – Welcome to Ponoi!

Umba river

Demanding Salmon chasing for the experienced and fit Salmon angler ‐ The golden mix of low‐priced and great Salmon fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings. No matter what time of the season you choose to come, you will encounter a week of unforgettable salmon fishing! Each part of the season encompasses its magic and lure along this wonderful forest river on the south side of the Kola Peninsula. Silvery salmon lie in its many demanding pools from early May until the end of October providing for a long and exciting season.

Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have had such a spellbinding and deeply felt effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. For many of them it has almost become a lifelong love affair and you may witness hardened and weather‐beaten anglers become all “mushy”, when they reflect and talk about Umba. Such is the character of this river and there are really very few places left in this world like it. A very unique experience awaits you at the incomparable Umba timber lodge – probably the most luxurious lodge on the entire Kola Peninsula. It is like a small palace in the wilderness – just the right place to discover the enchanting soul of the Umba River.

The breathtaking and dramatic natural surroundings along the Umba River is an important element satisfying even the highest expectation an angler may have – here you will find all kinds of challenging and mouth‐watering waters and pools enticing you to cast and swing your fly down and across. The mythical Umba is a demanding chase for silver and suited for the experienced and committed Salmon. Umba is a magical salmon river that will enchant your soul and forever remain in your heart.

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